5 Replies to “Week 2 of ‘The California Sleepwalker’s Treasure Hunt‘”

  1. the suspense is killing me here! i’m anxious to see where all this is heading.

    you could start a side business – ‘road trips with Alec’

  2. hey alec:

    if the Magnum/Art PHoto gig someday quits on ya (i know how tough the photo art world can be on a young family ;))), that beachcomer gig works :))))….love that pic of u w/the metal detector….damn, i miss that state!


  3. Alec:

    Alec; first and foremost I must state that your photography has inspired me. I graduated from college in 2003 only to find myself wondering what I was to do with my life. Becoming a manager at a retail outlet was not the answer and delivering disposable goods from a truck was surely not the answer.

    I received a camera from my parents during my junior year and it changed my life forever. Long story short or short story long I quit my job, applied to school and began studying photography full time. It has been a life altering and life confusing experience to say the least.

    Back to my point. You had a post before about the lady, the bird and ext…I loved it. At first when I viewed it I found nothing wrong with it; I saw it as a documentary, but then I read the comments people posted about it and I immediately began to view it in a different perspective. I thought about it for awhile, drank a few beers and even tried to make a few photographs; but the same thought kept coming back to me. “Why would someone that typically works with a view camera make something so strange, so seemingly (slapped together) and rushed.” It occurred to me, it is a TWEET! A satirical Tweet to say the least!!! I love it! I may be wrong, but please correct me if I’m wrong!


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