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  1. alec-

    #1 as an educator was wondering if you would share some technical details about how you are shooting/posting this from the road? – my curious documentary students want to know about the methodology- wonderful b/w quality.

    #2 do you have any advice about newsprint- archival quality in any way? we are subscribing to your newprint publications and will make one ourselves and wanted to know how you approach the idea of the newsprint as a publication.

    documentarily yours-slp

    1. Hi Tyler,

      I use a digital camera. When I’m not out shooting, I’m processing the files (either in my hotel room or while our assistant is driving). This processing involves a few stages, first the conversion to b/w, then a few rounds of editing, then the photoshop work on the final file. Then I upload the image as a draft to Tumblr. From this draft, Brad works on his text.

      The newsprint is not archival. To me, that is part of the beauty of newsprint. I like looking at an old paper and feeling the passage of time.



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