2 Replies to “Making Upstate”

  1. After looking at the Tumblr site I am looking forward to the full Dispatch. It also reinforces my sense that part of being upstate is being able to circulate; that is, it needs an automobile. Looking at the world through a camera changes the world, as does looking at it from a car. In conversation with an art historian from the University of Rochester, we were talking about being “city” folk now upstate. She called upstate “our special purgatory,” which has an element of snottiness to it, but I appreciate the turn of phrase, too.

  2. Hey boys. I hope you appreciate Leo’s beard as much as I do. Truly an LBM Hall of Famer, that barber. Alec clearly didn’t take up the opportunity to get a hot shave. Brad?

    Gotta love it.


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