This post is dedicated to Carrie’s turtle, Windsora.

If you enjoyed Carrie Elizabeth Thompson’s recent post on being an artist and a mother (here), you might enjoy following Carrie’s Tumblr. For over a month, Carrie has taken on the ambitious task of posting 10 pictures a day of her life as an artist/mother. For those of us who struggle to be alert to the beauty, mystery and complexity of everyday life, Carrie’s blog is an eye opener. Go here:

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  1. People say there are not enough hours in the day but Carrie shows there are. Me and Ruth have both finished are degree’s (mine in photography and hers in silversmithing) and our baby daughter(Flo) is 4 months old now. sometimes I have trouble thinking about anything else. Think I’ll try to take a leaf out of Carries book in future, she seems inspired by being a parent. kudos to her.

    much love


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