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  1. name or identify? they seem familiar. Not my cup of tea, the 27 gas stations on the road to edo type of thing. But I can name them, like I would a turtle found in the backyard. How it has been surviving all that time back there without being runover, well, it deserves a name. The first one should be named “all my high school acquaintances who never dropped out”. I swear I see Tony as the second on the left. The middle one is very similar, but they are “my father’s friends, who have all died of alcoholism in small suburban cities”. The one with the mustache is surely an old friend of my fathers. And the bottom/last one, well, I name it “keep trying (from another language)”, as there are multiple people at my job who always tell me I’m wearing the wrong songs, or the wrong buckle with the shoes, etc. I never listen to them. They might as well be speaking ‘another language’. I name them mugshots, magpies, and bulletin board maple leafs. cheers, Douglas

    1. curiosity asks – Did you find 2 of the 3 on Lesley A. Martin’s “photoeye, best of 2009” page? I found her list when googling “Katja Stuke”. cheers,

  2. the middle one would be a william klein book? Rome? and correct myself on eijkelboom: his selfproduced book (as of having read the other entries) photo noties

  3. Seb wins (by 23 minutes…sorry Harlan).

    We’ll send a runner up t-shirt to the first person to figure out the second book. It isn’t Rome.

  4. hey, i saw that Mr. Whiskers mentioned “Suits vs. Facts & Fiction” by Katja Stuke on his blog…

    so, ok, that’s the secret…will look there next time a contest is run ;))))

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