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  1. What is the book you are working on? Is it the Walker Art Center retrospective calendar? Also, why are you not down in the Gulf doing a documentary photo project on the devastation there? I’m sure every photographer and their brother is there, but as the de facto leader of the American docu-photographer/portrait clique, your perspective would be very interesting. It’s an historic event and I’d like to see your take on it. Finally, when are you going on a China road trip? It could be Yellow River companion to Sleeping By the Mississippi. Again, your perspective would be fascinating and an entirely different and more personal take than the typical Burtynsky/Gursky-esque landscapes. The once-in-a-millennium changes to the culture going on there are happening rapidly and it would be a shame if someone with your kind of eye doesn’t capture it before it’s all gone.

  2. I meant catalogue, not “calendar.” Sorry. Also, will your retrospective be traveling outside the country perhaps, like the UK?

  3. Thanks Erasmus. I appreciate your comments about both the Gulf and the Yellow River.
    The book I’m working on here is not the Walker catalogue. It is something I’ve been working on for the last four years.

  4. A:

    if it’s PP, then your beautifully young roommate looks roommate must be the doppelgänger of J. K….not the Czech Kafka Castle’s J. K, but the Czech peripetetic ‘gypsy’ J K ;))))

    but i suspect Watson, that P.P. stands dor Praque Photographer ;))))))))))

    well, his smile and elfin grin loooks a lot like J.K! :)))))))


  5. Lester :))

    that was his OLD WATCH…..that watch was from ’68….i’m talking about the watch he NOW wears! :))))))

    waiting for Lost Boy to arrive! ))


  6. shot of the NEW watch ;)))))))))) (meaing, post-’68)




    good god, someone’s gonna think i’m a cave freak ;))))

    i remember noting the watch, ’cause i thought ‘shit, that aint the watch from Prague, ’68’ ;)))


  7. Ahhhhhh, Of course!

    Very cool. I was watching a doco on Jimi Hendrix last night and the stories the other artists told of the London clubs of that era sound a lot like Steidl. E.g. Jeff Beck walks into a club and Mic Jagger passes him in the hallway, Clapton is inside jamming with Hendrix and Pete Townsend in sitting at the bar with George Harrison. All in a public place! Such a scene is almost incomprehensible in this day and age of super-celebrities and paparazzi. Think of the stories those walls in Steidl could tell you!

  8. “He had returned from a project shooting gypsies in Romania just two days before the Soviet invasion, in August 1968. He witnessed and recorded the military forces of the Warsaw Pact as they invaded Prague and crushed the Czech reforms. Koudelka’s negatives were smuggled out of Prague into the hands of the Magnum agency, and published anonymously in The Sunday Times Magazine under the initials P. P. (Prague Photographer) for fear of reprisal to him and his family.”


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