Two men reading the Sandusky Register, Sandusky Ohio, December 1914

Forgive the silence on this blog. Things have been quiet on the LBM front, but I’m happy to report that I’ve been busy making pictures. Last month I was in Rochester NY for two weeks as part of Magnum’s Postcards From America project. Today Brad Zellar & I are driving to Ohio for a week of rambling. We also hope to make it a week of blogging. Check out our project tumblr for stories and pictures.

If everything goes well, we also hope to produce a newspaper at the end of the trip.

Happy trails…


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  1. I’ve spent 30 of my 37 years in Ohio. Most people think of “home” fondly, and I feel very fondly of my home state of Ohio, and in particular my hometown of Dayton. It’s just so…interesting…and real…and liveable. Great shots all around. Especially your shots in Dayton.

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