Johnny Cash’s List – for sale

Following up on previous posts about lists here and here, the always on-the-ballĀ Amy Stein alerted me to this treasure being put up for auction:

If someone wants to purchase this for me (here)….I’ll gladly trade you a photograph for it.



4 Replies to “Johnny Cash’s List – for sale”

  1. Alec-

    Wow – this had me worried. I met Rosanne a couple months back and heard her speak about “the list” and was worried that someone had stolen it from her and had it for sale on ebay. She talks about it “upstairs mixed in with her kids drawings” and how some people want her to donate it to the Smithsonian. And, just this morning, I was researching videos of interviews with authors and found this Roseanne interview. It was just still just playing in the background right now and there’s moment at about the 37 minute mark in this video where she talks about “the list” and the responsibilities around it. The interesting thing too about “the list” is that now Rosanne’s daughter is a songwriter and wants her mother’s to give her a list. It’s worth checking out.


  2. Alec! You are smoking hot. 38 days to the auction and the list already has 4 bids on! Now I think I have OCD as I placed the 4th bid! (ugh!?)

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