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  1. like Alec, i’m a writer/photographer who has a life-long hard-one and need for books…physical and in the skull….

    if i werent a poor artist married to another poor artist raising a 15 year old in an expensive n.american city, i’d snap up all 5…

    as a family who also makes our own hand-made photo/text books, i gotta shout out u r representing big time here lbm :)))))))))

    keep ’em comming


  2. Yo Cet….

    since Alec is on the mountain, can u pass him along a message…..just got out of the cave (plato and otherwise) myself ;)), but have meant to share/introduce him to this person for a long long time…

    here goes;

    Alec: for my money, one of the FINEST curators on the planet….well, she’s more than a curator: a thinker, an artist, a tactician, an original…she’s one of the golden reason’s we’ve stayed her in toronto….anyway, are you familiar with

    Ydessa Hendeles

    i’ve been to her ‘shows’ each of the last 4 years …..

    I dont know how to explain her Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation….except, it’s (for me) like going to


    from her show 3 years ago, about teddy bears ;)))


    her show Predators and Prey was, well….imagine Bultanski (his stuff was included) with Marker and Celan and toss in your grandmothers stories + a bowl of borsch and u get the picture…


    ok, just go….:))

    if u come to town, go go go…

    and i’ll buy u a whiskey


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