Flickr Winner #2

I love everything about these Flickr assignments except for one thing: having to pick a winner. How can I choose between 9Stars infectious enthusiasm (1,2,3 assingments!),  Ashly Stohl’s sweet story, Jen Trail’s Facebook discovery, Worsham’s trailer park, Steven Lang’s palm sander, Meghan Rennie’s childhood neighborhood, Ramon Mas’s Jesus or Al Cafone’s wild night?

So many good stories…and good pictures too. But some of my favorite images were the ones that Ben Roberts found during his story: five slides, five great pictures.

Why are amateur photographs so damn good?

Then I saw the pictures of Manuela Costalima (iwishiwereinvisible). Maybe not ‘professional’ and maybe not perfectly edited, but there is something irresistible about these images. In many ways they reminded me of the light touch of Italian greats like Guido Guidi and Luigi Ghirri. The images have the feeling of an everyday glance. They already feel just as good as vintage amateur pictures.

Congratulations to Manuela! Along with her Flickr project, check out her website.

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