Flickr Assignment #4

So much of the photography I love is less about a particular subject than it is a communication of the photographer’s process. What all of the previous assignments had in common was that they were an excuse to get out the door and encounter the world. For the fourth and final assignment, I want to make the communication of these encounters even more explicit through the use of narration. This is as much a writing assignment as it is a photo assignment. But I also want the writing to be visually compatible with the photographs.

One could approach this in a similar way to the earthworks artist Richard Long:

Richard Long: One thing leads to another - Everything is connected

Or one might use handwriting like Jim Goldberg:

No fun [by Jim Goldberg]

The point is to communicate your experience through the combination of text and image. Just remember, less is more. Elaborate photographs and flowery text are incompatible. Simple pictures and simple text generally work best.

So here is the final assignment:

1)   Plan an encounter (meet a stranger on Craigslist, find the highest place in your city, go on an eight mile walk, etc).
2)   Document your encounter with photographs & text
3)   Important: combine your text and image in a single file
4)   Submit your files here. Submissions are due by December 28th. Winners will be announced by January 1st.

Enjoy the ride…

3 Replies to “Flickr Assignment #4”

  1. damn ;)))))))))….

    that’s what the project i’m giving DAH will look like…..text with pics….i’ll send u a link when it’s finished, post -russia trip :))

    will be very excited to see what your assignment takers make :))


  2. oh, just for clarification, i’m not submitting …as the work was made for/promised to dah, but i can’t wait to see what your viewers come up with…have loved looking at your assignment winner’s work…:))

    good luck to ya;’ll :)

  3. I am not sure you can call Richard Long an earthworks artist. His medium is the walk, and his light footprint on the earth is the opposite of the heavy-lifting American earthworks school of Michael Heizer et al. But good luck everyone on this assigment.

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