On Lists

For the Flickr Pool I created in conjunction with the Walker Art Center, the first assignment was a sort of photographic treasure hunt. The subjects of the hunt are: Pilots, Amateur Paintings, Unusually Tall People, Museum Guards, Sleeping Children, Neighborhood Bars, Supermarket Cashiers, Sheep, Sedans, Suitcases.

This list was derived from my business card circa 2002. This was the card I used while I was photographing Sleeping by the Mississippi (and is reproduced in the Walker’s exhibition catalogue).

As I said in the introduction to the Flickr assignment, I like these lists because they are excuse to get out the door. But the reason I used the list on my business card is because it explains my photographic practice. I don’t want to just photograph Weimreimers. I want my subject to be, as Robert Frank put it in his 1954 Guggenheim Fellowship proposal, ‘broad’ and ‘voluminous’.

For the record, Frank himself was a list maker:

If you wanna take a crack at my list, come join the Flickr Pool. We’re taking submissions until September 27th. Happy Hunting…

‘From Here To There’ Flickr Project

In connection with my exhibition at the Walker Art Center, I’m creating a series of Flickr group projects that are linked to my photographic process.

Assignment #1: The Treasure Hunt

A trick I use to find pictures is to create a list of things I’m curious about that then go and beat the bushes. Even if I don’t find what I’m looking for, it gets me out the door and moving around in the world.

For our first Flickr Project, I’ve created a list of 10 items to photograph. Shoot as many as you can and post them in our group pool, and then check out our “Discussions” pages to talk about your work. I’ll post some of my favorite images on the Walker Art Center Visual Arts blog. On October 1st I’ll pick my favorite treasure hunter and send them a signed copy of the From Here to There catalogue.

Here’s the list:

Amateur Paintings
Unusually Tall People
Museum Guards­
Sleeping Children
Neighborhood bars
Supermarket Cashiers

Happy Hunting,

P.S. You’ll get extra points for combining pictures – I’d love to see an unusually tall museum guard holding a suitcase.