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  1. Still disappointed that we didn’t find ‘bags of bread.’

    As for the artist fee, Carmen received two guinea pigs for her hard work. (I’m still paying the price!).

  2. “I showed them to some students without telling them who’d taken them, and they were impressed. One observed that ‘they were from a uniformly low perspective’, which made me smile.”

    Smiles all around.

  3. Alec:

    a photographer from italy mentioned at Burn the problem you had in Brighton and the article in the Guardian…

    i wrote at burn a similar story…

    3 years ago, i organized a show, a family show, of my work, my wife’s work and our son’s work. It was called One Black Cubed….12 pictures, 4 each, all b/w, all 5×6, hung horizontally…..dima’s work he chose himself…from his photographs when he was 6-9….we also used one of his images for the poster/pr/exhibition promotion card/piece….

    the show was, easily, my all time favorite, much better/more rewarding/happier than any of my own solo shows…..Dima did, also, all the talking…

    best reviewed show we ever had (big, critical write up from Gary michael dault, one of the foremost art critics in canada)…..i wish i had pictures to show u from the opening….

    but here is the promo piece, with one of dima’s pics…

    though he has moved onto greener pastures (no longer photographs), it was a blast…and really, the reception was amazing…12 pics, like a chinese scroll (which was my intent)…pictures as calligraphy….


    Dima did NOT have a shooting list (me neither, the list is in my skull), but he did say this, when he was 6:

    when i asked him about a series of pics he’d made (and we’d developed the negatives) why they were all out of focus….he said, ‘what’s so important about being in focus, i saw it’…:))

    lastly, our son has quit the art business….i guess after having 2 parents as artists/writers, he didn’t like the stress ;)))…he’s much more practical…$$…

    architecture :))

    ok, running

  4. my absolutely fave is ‘hole in the ground’….

    and, of course, ‘pink’

    she deserves way more than 2 guinea pigs though Soth ;)))))….

    hope you gave her a descent copyright agreement ;))))


  5. Alec! :)

    Damn, that’s gorgeous stuff. will show Marina and Dima tonight when i’m done teaching….that’s our kind of family…dima;’s got more stuff on our walls than me, and i like it just like that….and damn, would love to tear up a gallery space..

    hmmmm….i think an idea is about to burst! :) (artist: steal idea ;) )…

    that’s great…now, looking about stuff about melba/bruce/oakley…(and damn, that’s a family with great names too!)

    thanks so much alec :)


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