New Flickr assignment

Readers of this blog might remember the series of Flickr assignments I did last year in conjunction with my exhibition From Here To There at the Walker Art Center. With the exhibition now moving to the Everson Museum in Syracuse, we’re now launching one more assignment:

Rephotographing Icons

Alec Soth, Migrant MotherIn mounting an exhibition of my pictures made in America, I’ve thought a lot about the influence the American photographic tradition has had on me. Rather than run away from this tradition, I’ve come to embrace it. Recently I’ve even experimented with recreating iconic photographs much the way a painter might draw from the masters (more examples here). I’ve found the process to be both educational and just plain fun.

For this assignment, I’d like participants to do their own recreations of iconic photographs, and upload them to the group Flickr pool. Don’t forget to label your photo with the title of the original work that inspired it.

From the submitted images, I’ll chose 3 winners. Each winner will receive a signed copy of the From Here To There catalog. The deadline for submitting is January 12, 2012.

To participate, go here



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