Workshop: MAKING A PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK, with Alec Soth

In this two-day workshop at Cesuralab in Pianello Val Tidone, Italy, Alec Soth will discuss different approaches to conceiving and executing the production of a photographic book. Along with the issues of editing, sequencing, layout and design, Soth will speak about the diverse distribution channels available to contemporary photographers.

More info here (pdf) and here

Alec Soth with also be participating in a free panel discussion with Magnum photographers Chris Anderson and Alex Majoli. Information here

7 Replies to “Workshop: MAKING A PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK, with Alec Soth”

  1. No plans right now. But we have been playing with the idea of Little Brown Mushroom workshop in Minnesota next summer. Stay tuned…

  2. How do your primary galleries feel about your focus on making books and selling t-shirts? Do Weinstein or Gagosian make money anymore from having you in their stable of artists? Sure, you’re well known and somewhat influential, but much of that freedom was earned because you made money from them for selling your large scale photographic work. I don’t think you should take that for granted. These little books and projects and alter egos are fun and all, but the well will dry up eventually.

  3. Bizarre comment, Brent. Gagosian and Weinstein don’t care about this at all. Why do you?

    In the past I’ve had similar advice not to do editorial photography and not to have a blog. But I’m happy with my career. I have a good relationship with galleries, but that doesn’t mean I want to have all of my eggs in the art basket.

  4. Hi Mark, no plans right now. I don’t normally do many workshops. The one I’m doing in Italy is mostly an excuse to hang out at Alex Majoli’s place.

  5. Just curious, is the signature photo from your new exhibit (the guy wearing a blue jacket laying in the grass) based on Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #153? They look like companion images.

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