Three Valleys continues

Brad and I and our terrific manager/guru McNair Evans are enjoying our last week of California sunshine. Not only do McNair and I wear the same shirt, we both brought Pema Chödrön books on the trip.

McNair mcnair2

Now that we’re well out of Silicon Valley, it’s been easier to experience a bit more spiritual tranquility. How can your heart not be filled when spending time with a Basque shepherd and a newborn lamb.


I still haven’t had time to read anything for my popsicle assignment. Hopefully I’ll be back on track in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can follow our Three Valleys journey on Tumblr. Please note that Brad and I are stockpiling a lot of material for the print edition of the LBM Dispatch. Buy yours here:

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4 Replies to “Three Valleys continues”

  1. Hi Alec! I have a problem with buying a copy of LBM Dispatch. Wonder if it can be solved.
    My paypal account is registered for my russian address, but I don’t want to have anything in common with russian post, so I’d like to send my copy of LBM Dispatch to my USA address and pick it up myself. But all this billing-shipping system doesn’t allow me to have different addresses for paypal and shipment. So no print edition for me or there is still hope?

  2. Hello Alec, Great to see you returning to the Central Valley of California. If your wanderings bring you through Fresno, stop by the Fresno Art Museum for a visual feast of Valley artists exhibiting as part of the Spring exhibition ‘Breakthrough’. Also be sure to explore the Fulton Mall area downtown and quench your thirst at the Fresno Brewing Company. Enjoy your adventures in the Valley.

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