I’m so happy to finally announce my new Steidl book: Broken Manual. Four years in the making (2006-2010), this book represents a significant departure from my previous publications. Working with the writer Lester B. Morrison, we’ve created an underground instruction manual for men looking to escape their lives.

It is common to follow up the publication of a book with a ‘Special Edition,’ but in the case of Broken Manual, this edition is being presented first. I think of this as the ‘Ideal Edition’ of Broken Manual. Each of the 300 copies of the book is housed inside of another, one-of-a-kind book. These signed and numbered ‘shell’ books are unique and cut by hand. Inside the shell, there is also a small booklet entitled ‘Liberation Billfold Manifest’ and an 8×10” print signed and numbered by myself and Lester B. Morrison.

The book can only be purchased at Steidlville (UK) or Little Brown Mushroom (US).

Note: This special edition will be installed as a part of my survey exhibition at the Walker Art Center (September 12 – January 2, 2011). They will be shipped to buyers in January 2011.

More info here.

New LBM Publication(s)!

This is a big weekend for Lester B. Morrison. On Saturday Les will be having his first exhibition at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis. In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re launching not one but three new zines by Morrison. As many of you know, we published Lester’s first zine, Lost Boy Mountain, last December. It went on to be named one of the best books of 2009.

Lester’s new zines are Library for Broken Men, Lonely Bearded Men and Lester Becomes Me. All zines are individually numbered in an edition of 500 but are sold as a single package for $13. More info here.

Buy yours here.

P.S. Stay tuned for Broken Manual, a collaboration between Lester and myself published by Steidl.

LBM Book by Trent Parke!

In the spirit of the classic Little Golden Books for children, Little Brown Mushroom is releasing a series of photographic storybooks for grown-ups. Our first book, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, features photographs and story by Trent Parke and design by Hans Seeger.

I was recently at a party chatting with the writer Geoff Dyer. Out of the blue, Dyer said, “I think Trent Parke is a photographic genius.” I responded by saying that not only do I agree, I believe in him so much that I’m publishing his book. Shockingly, this is Parke’s first book in ten years.

Priced at only $18 and limited to a numbered edition of 1000, this one is going to go fast.

Buy the book here