Brown Monday! New LBM Products!!!!

Come visit the LITTLE BROWN MUSHROOM WEB STORE today!!!!

Along with lots of new stuff (Trent Parke Poster, Brighton Bunny Boy Zine, LBM Hat) we’ve dropped the price on our T-Shirt and still have some copies left of the fantastic book, Man With Buoy by Seth Lower.

Buy your holiday LBM gifts this week and your Little Brown Merchandise will come wrapped in the Jason Polan poster: How To Become A Little Brown Mushroom (while supplies last):

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One Reply to “Brown Monday! New LBM Products!!!!”

  1. BRIGTON BUNNY BOY RULZ! :))))))))))))))))))

    i love it…..tops Lost Boy Mountain (no offense intended Lester B.)! :))….

    pick it up y’all! :))

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