Lost Boy Mountain

by Lester B. Morrison
24 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches,
staple bound, color offset
edition of 1000
Publication date: December 2009
Buy it here

Buy it here

6 Replies to “Lost Boy Mountain”

  1. “Below the mountain
    one hundred candles, a bed,
    licorice and beer.”

    well, to that i would add my wife, a few books and a reasonably supportive pillow and i’d be a happy man :))))…..

    great concept for a book (as a writer/photog, i love the twining of the 2) and lovely collage…

    thanks for juicing my xmas list Alec…

    welcome back ;)))


  2. I’m reminded of the book that i am reading right now – Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

    The mushrooms down there were enormous by the way *but not edible i suspect

    Who would of thought of combining the concept of above ground refuge (houses on stilts) – with below ground caves?

    It looks like a fairly lonely place, down (and up) there – as bob points out, without the things we love.

    Recently i’ve thought about drawing a schematic – profile view of the earth (to fix my perspective). Extending 10 or 20 metres above ground – to 10 or 20 metres below ground.

    (unless you want to dig a massive hole) Finding such a seemingly neccessary view in the natural world is nearly impossible without being in the sea as Asako Narahashi demonstrates http://www.yossimilo.com/artists/asak_nara/images/an-09.jpg

    And again – floating on your back in the sea forever like a dead fish seems like a lonely occupation as well.

    There’s a sort of conflict here between ones grounding on earth and the need to find a good level of human social interaction that surely makes a long storm survivable.

    I wonder after how many beers drunk ( if the halogen lights were to go out and without the sun) would the character not be able to find his way back to any of the ladders?

  3. A map the size of the territory it describes has already been proposed and its cartographiphobic users deemed it “Useless and permitted it to decay and fray under the Sun and winters.” But a globe the exact size of the earth, with all the features of the earth re-created in exactitude, and all the mushrooms of the earth re-positioned just so, stem-for-stem and stool-for-stool, has not been proposed. Or has it? It could hardly be deemed useless. We might be living on it right now. May it not decay and fray under the Sun and winters. Also, I ordered this book.

  4. Lester, just read your interview with Monsieur Whiskets on 5b4 and I’m laughing, ah ah ah, laughing, in my head of course and thank you very much for making me laugh and for being you and I was wondering if there is any chance you could hook up with Monsieur Harmony Korine and make Lost Boy Mountain in to a film. That would be very nice. Did you send Daniel Johnston a copy?
    did you send Agnes B a copy? I’m considering buying one, yes, no ,might not be any left,shall I click? I’m a bit scare if I click i will have to take a decision. 19 years? i’m gonna click.
    between the clouds it is sunny.
    p.s:may be you could film in the french Alps,so I could help with building the ladder or some trees.

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