Alec Soth & LBM in Tokyo


I’m absolutely giddy with excitement about my upcoming trip with LBM to Japan. We’ve been preparing for months with GOLIGA to prepare this crackerjack lineup of events:

The Cave
The publications of Alec Soth as well as the books of his imprint Little Brown Mushroom will be available for perusal in a relaxed and particular environment. Kick back and relax with a photobook.

Lecture & Slideshow
The photographer will present an in-depth discussion of his photography, process, and the process of bookmaking.

Working with Alec Soth and staff from his publishing company Little Brown Mushroom, participants will combine text and images to make a unique photobook. All books will include a signed photograph by Alec Soth.

Participants can have their portrait taken by Alec with a choice of two distinct and characteristic scenes of Asakusa or Tokyo’s nearby historic former capital city Kamakura.

Ping Pong Tournament
Open to all participants, teams of two will compete for the ultimate victory. Find out if you have the right stuff!


For more information, visit GOLIGA


The Frank Album


This is Frank. What is his story?

I recently purchased an album of photographs of a Westerner in Japan. I’m hoping to make this album into a storybook, but don’t have much of a story to work with. All I know is that the man’s name is Frank and that the pictures seem to be made in the 1950′s.

Little Brown Mushroom needs your help in creating this story. We’ve posting a number of photographs of THE FRANK ALBUM on both an English website and a Japanese website. For each picture, we’re asking participants to write a short, paragraph-long story. This can be a factual description or imaginative speculation. Submissions in English, Japanese or any other language are welcome. Some of these submissions will be included in the final book. The deadline is August 25th.

Please visit THE FRANK ALBUM and tell us a story.


Alec Soth