Sold Out!

We are sold out of Trent Parke’s Bedknobs & Broomsticks over here at Little Brown Mushroom!

Sorry to all those who weren’t able to get a copy, but this thing sold fast!

For those of you in the NYC area, you can still head over to Dashwood tonight and try to get your copy at the signing. 6-8p.m. 33 Bond St., NY, NY 10012

8 Replies to “Sold Out!”

  1. Holy cow, that’s great news for LBM! Your Paypal account must be bursting at the seams!
    I ordered two copies, one for myself and another for my three year old nephew who likes the original B&B. Something tells me this is going to be selling for big money on the collectors circuit soon. Steidl should get the hint and publish Trent’s Minutes to Midnight ASAP.


  2. missed it ! is a new edition on the way or is it to be another collector’s item, rarely seen by most of us ?

    congratulations anyway, that looks to be a great book !

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