LBM Holiday Sale

LBM Holiday Sale

WHAT: Choose between five packages priced from $25 to $2500

WHEN: Now until November 30th

HOW: Order below! If you have additional questions, please email

Personalized postcard from Alec Soth

Alec will inscribe and mail a postcard directly to you or a friend.

$25 (free shipping)

Gathered Leaves Grab Bag

Signed box of Gathered Leaves postcards & zine and 2+ mystery selections from LBM & Alec Soth (order early for extra mystery gifts.)


Alec Soth Box

4 signed books: Sleeping by the Mississippi, Niagara, Songbook, Fashion Magazine


Soth / Zellar Box

Complete set of 7 signed LBM Dispatches and House of Coates signed by Alec Soth & Brad Zellar


Alec Soth Rarities

Twenty rare 1st edition publications by Alec Soth, all signed:

A Face In The Crowd, Looking for Love, Working Wall, The Auckland Project, Farbenlehre, Gathered Leaves, 19 Teens, Last Days of W, Foam Party (poster), Goliga (poster), Ping Pong (poster), Sheep, Lost Boy Mountain, Lonely Boy Magazine #1, Lonely Boy Magazine #2, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, From Here to There, Ping Pong Conversations, Dog Days Bogotá, Hypnagogia


All purchases are final. Group sets cannot be broken up into individual items for sale. No substitutions.