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The Winnebago Workshop is a free art school on wheels that pairs artists with teens to create multimedia stories. Inspired by the transformative role of his high school art teacher, Alec Soth created the Winnebago Workshop in order to share his creative process with young artists. “You can’t really teach the kind of work I do in a classroom,” says Soth, “it’s all about being out in the world, looking around, and exploring.”

Joining Soth are staff from his publishing company, Little Brown Mushroom, and a long list of visiting artists including the painter Elizabeth Huey, photographer Doug Dubois, filmmaker Jennifer Venditti and writer John Green. Along with sharing their own unique visions, these artists work with the students to find new ways of exploring the world.

Past workshops have led the participants into stranger’s basements, meditating in the Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge in Iowa, interviewing Bob Dylan’s neighbor and creating pop-up exhibitions in parking lots and county fairs. “I don’t have a clue about what we’ll be doing the next time,” said 17-year-old Zophia Dadlez, “but I know it will grow with us and push us at the same time. The Winnebago Workshop is constantly evolving, just like we are.”

For more information please contact: workshop@littlebrownmushroom.com

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